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Control the growth of your puppy

As it is very important to control the weight chart of your dog during its growth, Belpatt offers you its online tool.
The test takes you a few seconds and allows you to quickly realize that everything is fine or a possible anomaly.
If in doubt, ask your veterinarian for advice.

Dog weight chart

Calculate your dog's food intake

Like us, the modern dog tends to overeat, to be overly sedentary and overweight. It is not always easy to know what is the ration of food to give to his dog. To keep it healthy, keep it longer and avoid veterinary fees, our tool helps you evaluate the amount of croquettes to give it.

Dog food calculator

The Best Diet For Your Dog

What is the best diet possible for my dog? Should I give him the remnants of what I eat, cook him especially for him or feed him with croquettes, dog pie ...? We try to answer these questions here!

Dog Food