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Choosing the Best Diet for Your Dog

In order for your dog to be healthy and remain as long as possible, it is important to give it a quality diet. As often, it is not easy to form an opinion among the information found, we will try to help you.

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What are the different types of feeding for your dog?

Before considering which product to buy, you should know that there are several categories of food for your dog:

  • The most consumed are croquettes. It is a dry industrial food.
  • Pellets in boxes. It is also an industrial food, but wet.
  • The kitchen prepared homemade, less widespread, because more binding
  • A diet made of meat and bone but we advise against it because it is not enough to cover the dog's nutritional needs and leads to deficiencies

As far as industrial foods are concerned, there are all kinds of industrial foods, but to put it simply, they can be classified into two categories:

  • High quality foods: often labeled with "health" or "premium". These foods are often available in several ranges: "large breed dogs", "small dogs", "seniors", "active dogs" ...
  • The foods of lower quality that you will find in large area.

So what food to choose for your dog?

Home or home-prepared food may seem like a good, if not the best, solution at first.

In this way, it is possible to control the origin and quality of the products consumed, and to dose perfectly the quantities according to the nutritional needs of your dog.

However, this mode of feeding has two major disadvantages:

  • The time allowed to prepare meals. Say that if you do not have enough time to prepare your own, it may not be easy to find time for your own.
  • This will additionally require that you know perfectly the nutritional needs of your dog. This point is not obvious if one does not have real knowledge on the subject.

Industrial power supply avoids all these constraints. The time saving is obvious and the nutritional composition of the products has been studied according to the needs of the dog and you will not have to worry about it any more.

If you opt for this option, you still have to know which one to choose from among the wide choice that exists in the trade.

Should we choose dry food (croquettes) or wet food (dog food)?

For most of the time, we advise you to go on a dry diet, always accompanied by fresh water at will, all day long.

For croquettes rather than mash? Mainly for your dog's oral health. The dog food is moreover often more oily than the croquettes, which is obviously a second major disadvantage.

It is true that in general, the dog food seems more appreciated by your companion. Take advantage of this fact to make it a fun meal for your dog, but it's best to keep it marginal.

Which dog food to choose?

As seen above, the industrial feed, and in particular the dry, of the dog food type is a priori supposed to bring the macros nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and lipids) necessary in your dog in sufficient and balanced quantity, provided however to respect The doses indicated on the package.

However, not all croquettes are equal. Although they have a definite advantage in terms of price, foods of the discount type have disadvantages:

  • The origin and quality of the components are not guaranteed.
  • These croquettes are often too loaded with fats, salts and contain many preservatives

The "premium" or "health" croquettes offer a better guarantee on the quality and origin of food, and better digestibility. Despite being more expensive, they will guarantee you better long term health for your dog and what you are spending on food costs will be saved in veterinary fees.

Not to mention price, they will offer simple a better being for your dog. Also be careful not to rely on the price at first glance: better quality croquettes containing more essential nutrients to your dog will require less than standard croquettes. As a result, the difference in price is much lower than in the first impression.

With croquettes that offer a balanced diet, it is better to avoid giving your dog leftover tables or in exceptional way.

If you wish to please her from time to time, replace her dog food by dog food, or give her a dog treats as a reward. Sugars or chocolate must be avoided.

Finally, be aware that your dog will feel healthier than if he is fed gustatory gustatory. If you hesitate and are wondering whether or not you should give him anything other than his usual daily ration of croquettes, we advise you not to hesitate and not to change his habits.

This is all the more true regarding a puppy. This one quickly takes eating habits and generally keeps them in adulthood. By habituating your puppy to consume only croquettes, good qualities, you put all chances on your side to keep him healthy throughout his life.


Diet is a determining factor on the health of your dog. We strongly advise you to give him a feed in the form of croquettes, premium quality and adapted to his needs (age, breed size, level of activity, specific state such as overweight).

Control your dog's weight

Control the weight of your puppy during its growth allows you to know if you are feeding it correctly. It is important to control the weight of your puppy during its growth: you prevent some health or joint problems. A puppy with no problem of weight will also have less tendency to have an adult one, because as in the human, good habits are taken very young.

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