Postures of the dog

The language of the dog


Do you want to understand the message your dog is trying to get you through? We invite you to visit the page below!

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Casual dog

  1. Tail low and relaxed
  2. Straight Ears
  3. Right head
  4. Open mouth, visible tongue
  5. Relaxed general posture

This posture indicates that the dog is calm and does not feel any external threat.

Dog alert

  1. Tail in horizontal with slight oscillation possible
  2. Ears inclined towards the front or oriented towards the object of his attention
  3. Relaxed and closed mouth
  4. Body inclined towards the front

This posture indicates that the dog is attentive to an event that takes place in its immediate environment.

Aggressive dog, threatening attitude

  1. Tail bristled, raised, stiff with swing from left to right
  2. Bristle hair
  3. Ears forward
  4. Crocs apparent
  5. Ruffled Muzzles

This posture indicates that the dog is ready and armed for the attack, sure of it, and that it asserts its dominant position.

Aggressive dog, Dissuasive attitude

  1. Tail between the hind legs
  2. Rear lowered train
  3. Bristle hair
  4. Back ears
  5. Ruffled Muzzles
  6. Round and dilated pupils
  7. Babies slightly rolled up

This posture indicates that the dog feels assaulted, but that he is not submissive and that he is ready to retaliate.

Stressed and anxious dog

  1. Low tail
  2. Low Posture
  3. Back ears
  4. Dilated pupils
  5. Quick drying

This posture indicates that the dog is intensely stressed by its immediate environment.

Shy and submissive dog

  1. Low tail with slight swing
  2. Low Posture
  3. Back ears
  4. Front Lisse
  5. Blinking eyes and fleeting eyes
  6. The dog licks his lips or the muzzle of the dominant

This posture indicates that the dog signals to its opposite that it has no biblical intent and that it accepts its lower rank.

Dog very fearful and completely submissive

  1. Tail on the belly
  2. Dog on the back
  3. Ears plated back
  4. Head turned sideways
  5. Eyes between open

This posture indicates absolute submission on the part of the dog, it can eventually urinate.

Dog Player

  1. Tail up and moving
  2. Straight Ears
  3. Eyes wide open
  4. Rear and reassembled trainset of the lowered body on the front legs

This posture indicates that the dog wants to play and even if it looks brutal and excited, it is not animated by bad intentions.