Campbell Test

How reliable is the Campbell test?

The Campbell test Was created in 1973 by an American etymologist.

It was originally intended to study the behavioral evolution of a dog from an early age to adulthood by a series of exercises, the results of which could be compared to different ages of The life of the dog.

This test is now being presented on many websites and by specialists in the canine world as a way of determining the future character of a dog from an early age.

This interpretation of the Campbell test does not take into account the fact that the Campbell test on a 7 month old puppy is done at a time t with a particular person and in a particular environment. It can not in any case completely determine the character of the dog as an adult, since it obviously does not take into account its future environment, its education or its experiences to come.

This test can nevertheless be used to evaluate a tendency of the character of a dog from an early age.

Carrying out the Campbell test


Answer all the questions below:

Social attraction test:

Place the subject on the ground and move about 3 meters away. Crouch down and tap gently into your hands.

Suitability test:

Place the subject on the floor, very close to you, then walk away (make sure the dog sees you well away).

Constraint Test (30 seconds):

Crouch down and gently roll the puppy on his back for 30 seconds by pressing a hand on his chest.

Social dominance test (30 seconds):

Crouch and gently stroke the puppy's skull, neck and back.

Dignity Test (30 seconds):

Lift the subject so that the limbs do not touch the ground, without moving it too far. Support it lightly and hold it for 30 seconds

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