Dog insurances

The importance of insurance for dogs

So, you, humans, you do not even imagine living without a good mutual! For dogs, it's the same! When a health concern falls on us, we are happy to be able to count on our assurance to get out of it as quickly as possible! Because, let us not forget, we, what we want, is to be able to go back to the mud quickly!

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Why insure your dog?

Contrary to what one may think when one has not yet had a dog, the veterinary fees are almost as high as the health costs of humans. As a result, when an illness or an accident occurs, we are quickly faced with heavy expenses for an average budget.

Some teachers may be tempted to postpone care for budgetary reasons. It's taking the risk of facing even higher and urgent expenses when you do not expect it!

A mutual insurance company allows you to calmly consider the care you need when you need it.

What is the best time to insure your dog?

We will not hide from you, mutuals prefer to insure young dogs! It is therefore possible to insure your puppy from the day of adoption. It is even recommended! Your contract will evolve with the problems related to his age until the end of his life.

It is more difficult to find a mutual that agrees to insure an old dog. After 7 years, you may be subject to a number of refusals from insurers. It is better to go there as soon as possible, when all is well!

How to insure your dog?

From one insurer to another, there are constants and variants. It seems obvious, but take the time to compare the offers to find the one that will best suit your doggie and your expectations. On the internet, comparators allow you to do simulations and help you find the best value for money for your particular case.

What are the reimbursement rates?

They depend on the mutual and offer you choose. The more expensive the offer, the higher the refund rate. Only top-of-the-range offerings reach 100% reimbursement of medical expenses. On average, we find ourselves between 50% and 80%.

Then, read the details about the caps and deductibles!

Finally, if you want to compare the different offers of For dogs, Find the comparative table of Mouss the dog, just here !